At Rest
Jesus is my Safe Place, full of joy and peace. I am at rest in Him.

It was not always that way.

Many who follow this blog know me in real life… and the damage I’ve caused. They know what it looks like when I am captain of my own life and master of my own thoughts.

It’s ugly.

My old identity was both victim and perpetrator. I lived in that identity, describing myself as a monster. By the time I turned 50, I had given up hope that I had any other identity. I believed being hurt and hurting others was my destiny.

But God chose a different identity for me. And it’s in that identity I desire to live now.

I am the Father’s precious child. I am one with Christ. I have the Spirit of God in me.

This is my journal as I struggle to believe that what God says about me is true, and my feelings that often say otherwise are not to be trusted. By processing my feelings out loud, here, I can bring them into the light, and not be afraid of them.

This journal will help me process the inner struggle to “walk by faith and not by sight.”

I believe that He will finish His good work in me.

So I trust the journey to Him.


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