Bring Them to Jesus

Are we weary of people who cry out in emotional pain? Do their repeated complaints annoy us? Do we wish that they would just “pull it together” and stop whining? Are they a broken record saying things like:

“Look to my right and see;
no one is concerned for me.
I have no refuge;
no one cares for my life.”

God is never weary of hearing their complaints. A huge percentage of the Psalms are complaints about pain, fear, anxiety and depression. They are often written in anger and frustration and confusion. Sometimes they even “get in God’s face.”

Let us help our loved ones and our friends. Let’s help them focus their complaint to the One who runs the universe that has hurt them. Deep down inside, they know, quite correctly, that whatever happened to them, happened inside a universe that is controlled by an all-knowing and all-powerful God.

Their pain is real. They may hurt so badly that they have chosen to become social pariahs by their constant crying. Their complaints may weary us. But they do not weary God. Their questions and complaints move the heart of God.

So let us not waste their time or ours with pithy platitudes or defenses of God, often masked as theology. No more do we respond with “just get over it.” No more should we try to fix them. No more should we try to explain “why” God allows these things in their lives. No more should we say to them to “have more faith” or “obey these biblical principles” and all will be well. They are tired. Most likely, they have tried. They have been there-done that.

Instead, let us bring them to their only real hope… the God of all comfort. The God who heals even though he does not explain. The God of the universe whom they have feared (or raged against) but who loved them so much that he became flesh and dwelt among us.

Let’s bring them to Jesus, the Son of Man, who felt every feeling they feel, not just as God, but now also as human. The Man of Sorrows, who felt impending doom so deeply, that drops of blood formed on his forehead while he prayed. The Lamb of God, willing to die for them, yet who prayed and begged to have that ordeal removed from him if it were possible. The Friend who wept over the death of Lazarus. The lonely, despised and forsaken Son of Man who was hungry, homeless, misunderstood and betrayed by friends.

Jesus heals. He is God’s answer for them… not logic, not theology, and certainly not better behavior. Bring them to Jesus, the Great Physician. Bring them to Jesus.

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