Sitting At The Feet of Jesus

Yesterday I stared through the eyes and into the heart of a person who has been “bound with chains” most of their life. Restrained with pharmaceuticals by those afraid. But the chains have not been strong enough. So, night and day, this tortured soul has wandered in the mountains and in the tombs, crying, and cutting themselves in their mind. Mark 5:5

It was frightening to glimpse into the heart of a person so bound and tortured, someone beaten and oppressed so badly, and for so long, that they daydreamed about killing everyone they knew. It was a heart and mind devoid of hope.

I wandered in those tombs too. I was driven to be solitary… believing all hope was lost. All I wanted was to be left alone in my despair. I never came to my own senses. I was helpless.

But Jesus came and sought me. He identified with me. He came lowly, born in a manger. As an obedient young man he told his parents, I must be about my Father’s business… the business of seeking and saving that which was lost. Then as a grown man, he was healer of the most “lost of the lost” to prove that he could save even me. Then on the Cross, he finished satisfying all the demands of a holy God… in my place and for me. His life exchanged for mine.

Now I am sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed in his righteousness and in my right mind. Satisfied in him, because he satisfied all the claims against me. He purged all my guilt. He healed all the wounds. He redeemed me to be his own. I am at rest in him.

I long to be with him, not beholding him anymore as in a glass darkly, but face to face… “mas entonces, veremos cara a cara.” He is my Savior and the Lover of my soul. I groan inwardly, as I eagerly await the redemption of my body, the completion and fulfillment of my adoption by the Father. That existence where time will be no more, and I will rest in the presence of my Lord, with no more sin to cloud and bother our fellowship. The resolution of the tension of the “already and not yet.”

Until then, he says, “return to thine own house, and show what great things God has done for you.”

Yes Lord Jesus, I will publish what great things you have done for me… how you have had mercy on me. I will shout from the rooftops how you break the chains of the oppressed. Nothing is too hard for you. No one is beyond your ability to save.

One thought on “Sitting At The Feet of Jesus

  1. Yes! Absolutely, nothing is too hard for Him. I so agree, shout it from the house tops. A prophet is without honor in their own country, but.. God’s word will do exactly as it is meant to do. Each day, each time.. maybe only one person needs that ‘word’,, but it is exactly as He planned. Very well said. Praise the Lord for His complete covering. Thank you for sharing.


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