You Prayed For Me

My Lord Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man… you prayed to the Father for all the ones He gave to you. That includes even me. You prayed that I would be kept safe in you. You prayed that I would see your glory, be with you and you in me. You prayed that I would be filled with your full measure of joy… the same joy that exists between you and the Father.

As I hear your words, spoken by the Holy Spirit to my hungry and sinful heart, I am overwhelmed by your love. I weep and fall into your arms where I am embraced in your love.

You prayed for Peter, as one who belonged to you; for Peter, who spoke the very words of Satan to try to prevent you from going to the cross. You prayed for Peter, who lied to you (“Lord, I will follow you to death”). You prayed for Peter, who denied that he even knew you, with anger and cursing; for Peter, who would in cowardice, act in such a way toward the gospel that he had to be publicly denounced by another apostle. And you prayed for me, as one who belongs to you; for me, who lied to you, denied you, and shamed your name among your children. You prayed for me, who is just beginning to see the depth of depravity in my flesh.

The Father gave me to you. I was chosen by Him before time began; chosen not because of any merit in my past, nor any acts of righteousness in my present or future. He chose me, the undeserving and faithless one, to be loved in spite of myself. And you received me as a gift from the Father. You were given authority by Him to save me, and include me in your family, and you did. You wanted me. I was a gift that you wanted. How can I ever say thank you enough, praise you enough? Eternity will not be sufficient for the praise beginning in my heart here and now. You are worthy of my endless praise and adoration… my endless resting in you.

You alone are righteous among men. You alone, Lord Jesus, are worthy of praise. You abide in me, and I in you. I the unrighteousness one, am declared righteous by the Father because of your atonement for me. I am His child, and I share in all that He has given you. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear that I already have everything in you, and that in your presence is fullness of joy forever.

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