The Sickness of Shame

I heard recently from a new friend that they felt that they had let people down concerning a particular recent event. It broke my heart to see the feeling of shame on their face.

The sickness of shame is everywhere. It is fed by our own sense of unworthiness, and fueled by everyone who reminds us of every time that we have let them down. Our sin remembered and dwelt upon… this is the stuff of shame.

The sickness of shame is given CPR every time we look at our sin and not our Savior. We have a choice… a real choice…. to not listen to our mind when it whispers shame to us.

As called ones of Christ, we are forgiven, cleansed… pure and holy before our God. When we become aware of a specific sin, we agree with God about it… hating the sin as He hates it. Then we *also* agree with our Father when He reminds us that the sin was paid for at the Cross. We choose to listen to truth from Him… truth that says He never shames us. He never puts us in a “time out” to punish us and make us feel ashamed of ourselves. Christ paid for the sin, all of it, at the Cross, and it is never again held against us.

His discipline is always corrective and specific and always in tender love. He is a consuming fire, burning away all the sin from us… but He is not a condemning fire burning toward us, His children.

The discipline of the Lord never produces shame. It is clear, it is specific… and it is only for the purpose of creating more Christ-likeness in us for His glory and our ultimate good and joy.

Dear precious soul… if you are “under the blood” and bought and owned by your Redeemer Jesus Christ, His righteousness is your righteousness. All the affection of the Father for the Son is showered upon you, even as He burns away all the sin that still wars against your soul. He is for you… He loves you and adores you.

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