Christ says, “Come and dance.”

In heaven we will swirl on the dance floor with our Bridegroom, passionately caught up in holy love and adoration. Our fingers locked in His, our hands and feet glide over the dance floor effortlessly.

Entranced by His eyes… time seems to never end.

It’s the story of Cinderella come true, and no midnight clock that strikes.

But on earth “now” we are sitting at the edge of the floor… starring at our feet. We are invited by Him to dance now. But we are not dancing.

Instead, in great sorrow, we look out the door from whence we came, backward and downwards at all that is outside the ballroom, where we were a scullery maid abused by nasty step-sisters.

He says now, “Come to me… let us dance.”

But we say to our Bridegroom… “We cannot dance, for we are sad. We see only darkness everywhere. Besides, we don’t know how to dance, and we shall be embarrassed before you. And these clothes, they are beautiful, but we are not worthy to wear them.”

He says, “Come to me. Take my hand, and we shall dance.”

But we say, “No, we cannot, for our hands are full.”

In our left hand, we cling to our rag of regret. A rag that will not receive forgiveness.

In our right hand, we cling to our rag of rights… our right to decide what is best for us.

These two rags are all that is familiar and safe. They fill our hands and destroy our hearts. We are afraid to let go of them and dance.

Oh, Bride of Christ… let them go and run to our Bridegroom and dance!

His clock will never strike twelve. His dance will never end. The old is dead and gone in the mind of our Lover, so why do we cling to the old? Why do we cling to the rags of regret and rights?

Let us become lost in the arms of our Lover, the only One who ever loved us with a pure and unselfish love. Let us empty our hands and entwine our fingers with His.

Let us join Him in the dance that never ends.

Photo credit, Sorry Nadia, by Adventures of KM&G-Morris on Flickr. CC-licensed.

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