Be Thou Exalted

A sister in the Lord posted this morning:

How astounding to consider that when we pray, we enter a conversation about us already going on among the members of the Trinity. What’s left for us is simply to come and pray. To be honest with God–good, bad, and ugly included. We come to Jesus not as we can’t but as we can.

Thank you Deanna. I needed that. I would have added… “good, bad, ugly and sick with a bad cold” but I get the point.

I feel physically worse today than yesterday. It has affected my attention span with God. And that of course makes me feel “guilty” and lots of other things. But then to read Psalm 46 and realize that it never is supposed to be about me, but always and only about Him. God is to be glorified… even in my sickness.

So sis (and the siblings who follow this), I will come to Jesus today, not as I can’t, but as I can. It doesn’t need to look pretty, or be strong or deep. I will come just as I am.

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

Because He is exalted, He is able to be my refuge and strength, my ever present help in times of trouble. He is safe. I can rest in Him.

One thought on “Be Thou Exalted

  1. a love walk in action.. love for the Lord. I’m so sorry you are still in this cold-stuff, hope it gets well soon. ..but I love that we can come to Him at ANY given point, broken, run down, matter what. He knows the enemy is trying to place guilt in your mind, but..this too shall pass..because it’s a lie. When Elijah was down and out, fearing for his life, wondering what was he here for, why was he alone, and the ‘only one alive’..what was the point of his life anyway. Not only depressed, he was run down, ..tired, it had been a huge thing the Lord had done ‘through’ Elijah. The angel of the Lord said eat, and rest. and when he woke up, he was told to ‘eat and rest’ more…for the journey was going to continue. The Lord did not get in Elijah’s face about reading the word of God, memorizing scripture,..and guess what… Elijah was so ok between him and the you know, he didn’t even die. He was taken out..EVEN though he did not read scripture on the scroll/papyrus that day. (just saying) Sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do …is in fact rest. Don’t beat yourself’s ok. You will be better soon. Thanks for the encouragement too. 🙂


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