What Else Matters?

‎”I am anxiously LOOKING for His blessings and EXPECTING His will to be done. What else matters?” ~Jessica Bjokne (my daughter)

If I speak 10,000 more words in my life, in addition to the hundreds of thousands I’ve spoken already, none will matter more than these words Jessica speaks. (Linked here and quoted below in comments.)

Our daughter has led us, through her indescribable pain, to a place of worship and peace… a place of safety… a place I want to always be. Her life, right now, is a sermon as eloquent as all the sermons from the greatest pulpits.

Our Father, draw us closer to you. You are the source of our need, and the only One who can satisfy it. We join with our sister, Your precious daughter, and say “Your will be done.” We know that you hear us; we know that you look on us always with tender eyes of compassion.

One thought on “What Else Matters?

  1. Jessica’s blog post titled “Loss”

    ” ‘I am sorry, there is no heartbeat.’ On the screen, a small black mass that was once a living human, though extremely small. Flash back to the moment of realization after the blood test that yes, our dreams seemed to have come true.

    Present. Darkness, loss…then hopes and dreams shattered. Many have been here, this I know. Lord, how do we understand this? Hear my prayer , O Lord! And let my cry for help come to Thee. Do not hide Thy face from me in the day of my distress; Psalm 102:1-2.

    ‘My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,’ says the LORD. ‘And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.’ Isaiah 55:8 nlt

    Not sure if it’s appropriate or not to even write about this, but I don’t care…it helps to heal I believe sometimes. Already the Lord sends amazing comfort my way even if in small doses. I am anxiously LOOKING for His blessings and EXPECTING His will to be done. What else matters? “


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